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Even fewer are enrolled in personal computer science lessons within high school. Pinterest isn't the sole organization addressing this issue. Simply By college, women constitute under 12% involving graduating CS majors."

Looking in the actual figures involving Pinterest, Tracy states (at the particular period of your published article) Pinterest has, "11 ladies out of 89 engineers, putting us from 12% female throughout engineering -- exactly the actual same percentage as appearing out of undergraduate CS programs. Pinterest offers designed a public promise to always be able to strive in direction of the aim involving hiring more ladies as well as ethnically diverse employees by the end of 2016. Pertaining To all roles outside regarding engineering, we're investing escalating hiring prices to 12% ethnically and/or racially diverse by the end associated with 2016. Jewelbots, a STEM-education targeted wearable, in addition aims for you to encourage youthful girls to adopt a new liking to always be able to tech-focused studies.

What do you believe - is actually Pinterest's initiative a huge key to equality in the workplace, as well as can we still have a extended method to go?

Calling out tech companies pertaining to not, "having honest conversations concerning the issue," Tracy challenged the actual numbers of various tech companies: Just what is the real quantity of women employed at these companies? The Girl even dove deeper to the issue, identifying where the real problem could lie. We're also committing to implementing a new Rooney Rule-like requirement to ensure no much less than one minority then one female candidate to become considered in the interview stage for each and also every and also every open leadership position."

They program to accomplish this through expanding his or her recruiting efforts using a steered concentrate on women as well as various ethnicities. We're nevertheless understanding and also growing, as well as we could get better regarding measuring as well as understanding our funnels as well. Precisely what sparked this initiative was a blog submit by female Pinterest engineer, Tracy Chou. Your publish surfaced the actual disparities of females in tech careers.

. For Each an argument via his or her spokesperson:

"We're publicly committing to increasing hiring rates pertaining to full-time engineering roles to end up being able to 30% female as well as 8% ethnically and/or racially diverse from the finish of 2016. It's not, really. We possess to become thoughtful regarding sourcing candidates along with constructing the best culture, and we spend funds on deliberate efforts for you to connect to ladies in the community.

"Not sufficient girls are usually getting math and science courses inside primary school. However we're eager to start the conversation."

Pinterest continues in order to be really open concerning this initiative and commits for you to holding by themselves accountable in order to results. That may not just end up being tech companies not really hiring women, it might function as absence of ladies applying.

We'll comply with this. Our inaugural intern class had 8 women out of 28 engineering interns, which is 29%."

Further elaborating on her behalf discovery, Tracy stated, "Many individuals request me if it's easier since we're Pinterest


James Acaster: my top Edinburgh comedy picks - The Guardian

Rob Auton: ­ The Water Show Banshee Labyrinth, to 30 Aug

A show all about water. Finally. I bet he'll do a poem or two and some jokes. He once said "yeah baby" on stage and I still laugh about it now. I can't guarantee you won't get wet.

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The Story Beast Pleasance Courtyard, to 31 Aug

He's really loud and tells stories in a made up language and fills the stage with this big, bold, hugely expressive performance. You will understand it somehow, though.

Twins: ­ Pret A Comedy Pleasance Courtyard, to 30 Aug

Jack Barry and Annie McGrath doing laid-back sketches and telling everyone they're twins. It's on at midnight, so you'll feel crazy all the way through. I hope they wear their cool tops.

Tom Allen: ­ Both Worlds The Stand Comedy Club, to 30 Aug

I could watch Tom Allen every single day of Edinburgh and not get bored once. Just incredibly funny standup. Every gesture makes me laugh, he barely needs to try and I'm gone.

Tom Neenan: writer of a million brilliant jokes.

Tom Neenan: writer of a million brilliant jokes.

Holly Burn: ­ I Am Kirsty K Just The Tonic @ The Mash House, to 30 Aug

One of my favourite acts to watch ever. Surreal character comedy doesn't do it justice, really. I once saw her pretend to run an imaginary shop at a gig and do a stock check for ages.

Tom Neenan: ­ The Andromeda Paradox Pleasance Dome, to 31 Aug

Last year he made everyone jump because his show had two really scary bits in it. It also had a million brilliant jokes in it. Which is a lot. This year he's doing another mysterious spooky story.

Tania Edwards: ­ Electrifying Pleasance Courtyard, to 31 Aug

I have been watching Tania for almost eight years and she never fails to make me laugh out loud. I love the way she uses language and speaks in a funny posh voice. A real gem.

Chris Kent ­ Stop Stalling Assembly George Square, to 31 Aug

I saw Chris Kent for the first time this year and he had me in stitches. He lives in Ireland, that's the only reason I didn't see him sooner. Superbly written deadpan standup.

Ed Aczel: ­ The Random Flapping Of A Butterfly's Wings Heroes @ The Hive, to 30 Aug

Many people call it anti­-comedy. I don't know what that means. I know that once he walked off stage then came back on wearing a hat and I lost my mind laughing. Very low energy.

Chris Kent: lives in Ireland.

Chris Kent: lives in Ireland.

Sean McLoughlin: ­ Whatever It Takes Pleasance Courtyard, to 30 Aug

It normally doesn't work when a young comedian has a really bitter stage persona but with Sean McLoughlin you genuinely believe his life has been as disappointing as he makes out. Excellent.

Evelyn Mok: ­ Idiot Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, to 30 Aug

Everything about Evelyn Mok is funny. She's got a great joke about periods that me and my friends watched on YouTube at home together. Twice. And then quoted for months after.

Grace The Child: ­ Playground Politics Heroes @ Bob's BlundaBus, 8 & 9 Aug

Grace is 12 years old and does jokes about heroin. I have seen her make Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love references on stage and end a routine with the word "mutilated".

Felicity Ward: ­ What If There Is No Toilet? Pleasance Courtyard, to 31 Aug

One of the fringe's best kept secrets, I do not believe she's ever written a bad show so that makes her a pretty safe bet I'd say. This show is about mental illness and IBS.

Ben Target: a really weird guy.

Ben Target: a really weird guy. Photograph: Tony Virgo

Imagine There's No Ben Target (It's Easy If You Try) Heroes @ The Hive, to 30 Aug

I hear that Ben Target is doing an art installation piece this year but it's also comedy, that means I don't know quite what to expect so I'm excited. He's a really weird guy.

Markus Birdman: ­ Grimm Realities Canons' Gait, to 30 Aug

I saw Markus Birdman before I even became a standup and I'm still a fan now. This show incorporates his comedy skills and his drawing skills. What more could you want?

Rose Matafeo And Guy Montgomery Are Friends Laughing Horse @ Espionage, to 30 Aug

Two comics for the price of no comics because it's a free show! This pair are from New Zealand and have the funny voices to match. They're all over TV over there too - proper cool.

Rhys Nicholson: ­ Forward Underbelly, George Square, 31 Aug

I've been doing some club gigs with Rhys during the build up to Edinburgh and his routines have kiiiiilled me. He has an enviable turn of phrase and incredibly funny bones. Australian.

Chris Stokes: really thin.

Chris Stokes: really thin. Photograph: PR

Chris Stokes: ­ Altruism In Birds Pleasance Courtyard, to 30 Aug

This guy quit standup and then came back to it. I always think people look really cool when they do that. This show talks about that experience and loads more. He's really thin.

Trygve Wackenshaw: ­ Nautilus Pleasance Courtyard, to 30 Aug

Another New Zealand act but you won't hear his funny voice because he doesn't speak, it's all physical comedy instead. I can't promise anything but there's a chance you'll see his penis.

Adrienne Truscott's A One­-Trick Pony Gilded Balloon, to 17 Aug

I am on at the same time as Adrienne Truscott so please go and see the show on my behalf. It sounds bananas. I can't promise anything but there's a chance you'll see her vagina.

James Acaster: Represent is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August

Not All Netflix Workers Will Get 'Unlimited' Parental Leave - Huffington Post

He stated workers in the DVD division will absolutely no longer acquire stock options, either, nevertheless salaried employees may take good factor about the company's legendary endless vacation benefit.

Just a new couple of times right after Netflix's announcement, Microsoft announced it could improve maternity leave benefits for its workers. That's why the thing is tech companies falling over by themselves in order to provide bigger salaries and also much better parental depart benefits, at least to a select group of employees.

Virgin announced any similarly sweet-sounding paternity leave package deal earlier this year: one year off for very first time dads. separately for each and every quarterly," she wrote inside an email.

Employees in Netflix's declining, however very profitable, DVD division aren't covered by the new policy, that permits new mothers as well as fathers to consider as much as 12 months depart at their particular discretion, business spokeswoman Anne Marie Squeo confirmed to end up being able to The Particular Huffington Submit late in Wednesday.

. Your organization also has concerning 261 part-time along with temporary workers, primarily around the DVD aspect -- however supervisors and managers are usually salaried workers. "It can signal to the entire workforce, even individuals privileged, that one employee is perhaps much more valued compared to another." Netflix must be mindful for you to message its explanation for your different advantages packages internally, he said.

Still, as long since the country leaves your advantage as significantly as companies to always be able to dole out, many workers will be left out of the party.

The benefit split among workers from Netflix will be reminiscent regarding usually the particular one at Amazon, where hourly warehouse workers have sued the organization pertaining to nickel-and-diming all of them more than break occasion pay.

Federal law demands big employers to provide 12 weeks involving unpaid loved ones leave, however compensated depart is a perk that's mostly left to companies to dole out from their discretion. various other workers who are certainly not consequently hot. 

Some workers tend to be harder to hire along with retain than others. Navy do therefore in May.

The DVD side worker advised HuffPost which some of his colleagues are generally hourly workers, generating among $12 and $15 an hour. Meanwhile, at one other end of the spectrum, fast-food, retail as well as child care workers are usually fighting to create $15 one hour -- let alone paid out maternity leave.

Between 2008 along with 2014, new fathers' paternity leave benefits actually shrank, as did the particular amount regarding compensated leave for new mothers (beyond disability benefits), based on a Families along with work Institute report upon about 1,000 employers. 

Treating workers differently always presents a risk, Scott Dobroski, a career developments analyst from salary site Glassdoor, advised Huffpost. Together With Silicon Valley booming these days, attracting along with retaining tech expertise is actually increasingly any challenge.  The employee, whom works overnight inside among the particular Netflix "hubs," where DVDs are generally sorted along with shipped, mentioned the particular policy includes one month regarding fully-paid leave, additionally any longer-term leave regarding absence for partial pay. "These announcements tend to be as much PR as something else, so which as you can see, tend to depart out essential details about whom gets what."

In its 2014 annual report, Netflix acknowledges which losing specific employees would hurt the actual company's business. "In our industry, there's substantial along with continuous competition for highly-skilled business, product development, technical and other personnel." 

"We just have the uncooked end regarding things now since streaming can be bigger," said the DVD worker, adding that he nevertheless truly likes his task as well as feels it's good well. While together with Netflix, the new advantage didn't protect everybody from the company -- just a tiny slice involving Virgin's dads. 

Amid all the praise for Netflix's announcement earlier this week that it could supply its employees "unlimited" maternity as well as paternity leave, the particular Silicon Valley company neglected to mention something: Certainly Not just about all workers are made equal.

Most of Netflix's DVD workers aren't very sought-after, high-skilled engineers. economy -- among hot, in-demand tech workers as well as managers whom find showered using body fat salaries and rewards and, well ... Still, the actual DVD division, using its 5.3 million subscribers, brought in $7.66 million within revenue throughout 2014, with a body fat 48 % revenue margin. Netflix declined to become able to confirm these details.

"Benefits as well as compensation inside capitalism are similar to some other commodity. These People had been told on Wednesday that will they'd be bound to their particular parental depart policy, according to one DVD-side employee whom wished to remain anonymous in order to protect his job. Even the U.S. Individuals profits fuel the streaming side, which in turn took inside $4.7 billion throughout income over the identical period, nevertheless had a slimmer 16 % revenue margin, because the business spends to develop that aspect in the business.

Explaining why the company's DVD workers, many regarding whom are generally paid out hourly, would not necessarily be covered, Squeo would only claim that the 2 facets involving the business are usually run differently. "Streaming along with DVD are completely separate parts in our enterprise with various staff, support, etc. But there are signs which the scenario is searching up: over yesteryear year, any slew involving companies possess announced increases within maternity along with paternity leave, which includes Nestlé, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson as well as Blackstone. We record revenue, net income, etc. Any manager's salary can go as higher as $90,000 annually along with potentially higher, depending about location, he said.

Meanwhile, engineers at Netflix could make just the maximum amount of as $328,000 a year, in accordance with self-reported data about salary web site 

Netflix employs about 2,189 full-time employees, according to its 2014 annual report. The Particular rarer the abilities an individual bring, the more individuals offer for almost all those skills," Ken Matos, a new senior researcher at the families as well as work Institute, informed HuffPost throughout an email. and since the actual monetary crisis, many are now providing much less paid depart compared to before.

Revenues as well as subscribers about the company's DVD side have been declining with regard to years, simply dwarfed by the large along with developing streaming business, which in turn provides 65 million global subscribers. Your statement doesn't break out employees by simply division.

The advantage split inside the business highlights any growing and nagging divide inside the U.S


Tenn. county EMS facing medic shortage due to low wages -

WARTBURG, Tenn. -- the head associated with Morgan County's emergency services department says he's facing any shortage of workers since the county can't afford to be able to supply competitive salaries.

"I've not had anyone, a medic, to use in over the year," mentioned director Lawrence Potter.

Read total story: Morgan County faces paramedic shortage due to less competitive wages

Saving lives along with rushing to emergencies is a profession with regard to 1st responders inside Morgan County nevertheless starting spend is simply $9.63 an hour. A Couple Of employees in the final 3 weeks have left Morgan County EMS as well as the outlook pertaining to replacing them just isn't good.



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